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Here we are again, in sunny Spain.  We came back in January and are here until June.  It has been a wild ride becoming ex-pats.  Our first challenge was getting our “residencia” visa.  We had to go to the Spanish Consulate in San Francisco to apply in person.  Our first time around, we didn’t make...

05 May 2015 2 Comments
Posted by aimeeclimbs

Our trip to Spain was amazing (of course!)  We fell in love with the Costa Blanca all over again.  The climbing here is unbeatable.  We only visited one wall (Wildside at Sella), but the quality of the routes there could keep us entertained for a lifetime. We took the girls climbing with us a bunch,...

21 May 2014 No comments
Posted by aimeeclimbs

Yes, it has been an awful long time since my last post.  Truthfully, I haven’t been climbing much with the kids and since that’s what this blog was originally about, I haven’t had much to post.  Ella is now in first grade, which means she’s in school all day and Hazel is in daycare twice...

14 Apr 2014 No comments
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I was hoping to send this darn route before I  posted these pics, but it’s taking some time.  So, I figured I wouldn’t keep them to myself any longer.  Here’s some pics of me on Churning in the Wake at Smith Rock by Julien Havac.  I really appreciate him taking the time to get these great shots.  Also,...

27 May 2013 No comments
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I was hoping to have pictures for this review from climbing at Smith Rock today, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  So, I headed to the gym with my almost 6 year old and she took these shots.  My favorite top from the spring line is the Electra tank.  I’m wearing it in cool stripe, but...

24 Mar 2013 No comments
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That’s right, I’m officially back to pre-baby climbing.  I finally sent my first post-baby 5.13.  I didn’t manage to beat my previous record of 10 months post-baby, but I did send a particularly difficult 5.13a (according to popular opinion).  I climbed Taco Chips at Smith Rock.  This particular route starts off super crimpy with a big...

10 Feb 2013 7 Comments
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