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Just wanted to post the link to the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me as a climber.  I was on Good Morning America this morning for continuing to rock climb while pregnant.  What an opportunity!  I have my friend Teresa Delfin, the founder of Mountain Mama, to thank for contacting me to take part in the shoot.

Sweet Threads from Mountain Mama- photo by William Delfin

GMA wanted us to shoot the segment in Joshua Tree, so off we headed on Monday.  We filmed on Tuesday at a formation called The Headstone.  Once we got there, the producer informed us he wanted to film the correspondent, Cameron Mathison, and I climbing side by side.

Climbing with Cameron Mathison- photo by William Delfin

We thought, “Hmm, we don’t really have the gear for that, but ok.”  So, Kyle heads up the 5.8 to set the anchor.  He gets to the top and of course, being Joshua Tree, the anchor is about 15 feet back from the edge of the rock.  Kyle is up there with about 8 quickdraws and nothing else.  Knowing we are limited on time, he proceeds to string them all together and calls it good.  Not up to AMGA standards, but it’ll do.  Then he has to set up the 5.6 and the anchor is even further from the edge and sideways from the last bolt.  A fall after unclipping the last bolt would result in a huge pendulum across the face of the Headstone.  This is the climb Cameron is to attempt.  Kyle tells him, “Whatever you do, don’t unclip that last bolt” and fortunately Cameron seems to understand the importance of this advice.  Since we weren’t prepared for Cameron climbing, we couldn’t provide him with climbing shoes, so climbing in his hiking shoes, he actually was unable to climb that high.  Fortunately, it all worked out and we managed to get a nice 4 min segment that aired this morning.  Now the negative comments from the internet know-it-alls are filtering in.  Oh well.  Obviously I wouldn’t be doing this on national TV if I didn’t feel it was safe for me and my unborn child.  And yes, my doctor knows I’m climbing and since he has a clue about rock climbing, he knows how safe it can be.  I also climbed until 37 weeks with my firstborn and she turned out better than fine.  She was so excited to be on TV too!

Ella congratulating me after the shoot- photo by William Delfin

We had a fun day and I really appreciate the chance to have this opportunity.  Thanks again to Mountain Mama for the awesome clothes to see me through the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy and thanks to my husband for putting up with the shenanigans to set the climbs up.  Also, thanks to Ella for being such a good girl while we were filming.  She had to hang out way below us with Teresa’s husband and kids because the approach was pretty tough.

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