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Before the climbing gets tough

I haven’t posted for a while because I was waiting for some pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Las Vegas, but alas, I haven’t gotten them yet.  Hopefully they’ll show up and I can do a little recap of that excellent trip.  But today was noteworthy because I did my 7 month pregnant 12a “send” (coined “Preggo Point” by a friend)!  I forced Kyle to go out to Smith today to try my “project”, Flat Earth.  It’s a decent preggo project because the crux is short and the feet are good.  Unfortunately, today was crazy cold!  The thermometer insisted it was 45 degrees, but the cloud cover and brisk wind made it feel more like 30.  I “warmed up” (not that I ever really got warm today) and then gave it a go.  My hands were so numb that when I threw for and stuck the jug, I didn’t even know I was holding onto it!  Then our friend Andrew took a top-rope burn to “warm up” and rested about 5 times just to warm his hands up.  Kyle also took a top-rope burn and didn’t fall or rest, but I’ve never heard him winge about the cold like that before!  I thought he might cry.  This was not making me feel very confident, but alas, I went again.  This time my hand popped out of a three finger pocket above the crux.  I was about to give up, but Andrew and Kyle convinced me to rest 5-10 minutes and try again.  Andrew bailed due to the cold (and he’s hard core, so you know it was cold!)  Before he left he gave me his hand warmer, which I shoved in my chalk bag, and headed up again.  Before the crux, there’s a great rest, so I chalked up, squeezed the hand warmer a few times and went.  Next thing I knew, I was through the crux and trying to remember the top part of the climb.  Fortunately, it eases up and I managed to thrutch my way to the anchors.  I never thought I’d be “sending” 12a at 7 months pregnant and 17 extra pounds, but I did it.  Now I’ll have to try again in January at 8 months!

Leaving the rest

Past the Crux


  1. Julia on 1-3-2012

    I’m so happy to have found your blog!! I’m currently 5 months pregnant and still climbing. Though I haven’t been outside since September — I live in Seattle and haven’t managed any destination climbing trips this year. Still it’s nice to see another blog about pregnancy/motherhood and climbing!!

    • Aimee on 1-4-2012

      I’m happy you found my blog too! A huge reason I’m doing it is to encourage other pregnant climbers and just pregnant women in general to be more active (if they can). I’m amazed at how much better shape I’m in this time around and that I just didn’t exercise as much the first time around. It seems that I’m going to gain about 10 fewer pounds because I’m still lifting weights and climbing. Good luck to you and if you come climbing at Smith, let me know!

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