Posted by aimeeclimbs on 28 November 2012
A Red Thanksgiving

We just returned from a long Thanksgiving trip to Red River Gorge and Red Rocks.  I’ve been training a bit and feeling quite fit leading up to this trip, so I was excited to try some new climbs at the Red and revisit some old projects at Red Rocks.


My little travelers

At the Red we warmed up with a day at Military Wall where I finally sent Gung Ho, a 12b I attempted a couple years ago.  We brought both girls out with us and they did great.  Hazel even took a 2 hour nap at the crag one day in her Pea Pod tent!  Ella made friends easily with the adults at the crag.  One day, she inspired some folks to play the harmonica for her and chatted with them for a few hours by herself.  She also climbed a bit, bringing her crag count to 5 states and 3 countries.  I didn’t come away with any big numbers, but I had a good time attempting some harder routes.

Trying Dirty Smelly Hippy in my Aery top and Stonewear pants

In Red Rocks, I ended up with only 2.5 climbing days due to unforeseen circumstances.  (Ella is in the Nutcracker and the teacher suddenly informed me that if she wasn’t in class for the rest of the month, they would kick her out of the show).  So, I focused my energy on Twilight of a Champion, a 13a at the Trophy.  I fell off the finishing jug twice!  The conditions were not ideal- 70 degrees in full sun, second day of climbing in a row and I still got so close.  If I had sent it, it would have been my first 13a since having Hazel.  It also would have been a full 2 months sooner than the first 13a I did after having Ella. More proof that I recovered faster after baby #2 and that staying active while pregnant improves your recovery post-pregnancy.

Projecting in the heat at Red Rocks in Meridian capris and Momentum tank

I am hoping to get a few good days out at Smith in the next couple months to try my project out there.  I’m feeling strong and light and I just might be able to hold on those crimpers long enough to send!

  1. Jack Sparrow on 5-21-2013

    You should try taking care of your kids instead of being selfish with your climbing.

    (Ella is in the Nutcracker and the teacher suddenly informed me that if she wasn’t in class for the rest of the month, they would kick her out of the show)

    Like are you serious?!?! how many days of school do your kids miss so they can go climbing…. unbelievable! You should be ashamed.

  2. Jack Sparrow on 5-21-2013

    I meant to say how many days do they miss so YOU can go climbing?

    • admin on 5-21-2013

      She misses a lot of school and we are definitely selfish. Thank you for your advice.

      I should add that my kindergartner reads at a +8th grade level and does 6th grade math every night. Sooooo…I’ll leave it up to your excellent judgmental skills to determine if we are holding back her education.

  3. Jack Sparrow on 5-21-2013

    Wow you are really damn selfish. Not inspiring in any way shape or form… I’m absolutely disgusted in your ideals of parenting. And your so damn selfish no ones opinion will change your mind on that. Keep it up. Your going to have some weird ass kids.

  4. Lucy on 5-20-2014

    I noticed you don’t see to have posted as much since these comments. Please ignore this guy. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone. You make decisions that are best for your family. I’m sure heaps of people (including me) have read your blog and enjoyed the posts… And found them inspiring. I really hope that you just haven’t had much time to write, rather than getting disheartened.

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