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Family Climbing Day
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This past Sunday we finally rallied to have a Family Climbing Day.  We haven’t been getting our oldest out much lately since she’s in Kindergarden all day during the week and there have been tons of festivals on the weekends.  However, this weekend one of our friends from Portland was coming down with his 6 year old daughter, so it was the perfect opportunity to get the two girls climbing together.  Ella did a great job on a 5.8 and 5.9 over in the Cinnamon Slab area.  Both climbs had tricky traverse bits that could have resulted in a little swing if she fell, but she didn’t get scared.  She just kept climbing and cruised the 5.8!

Ella cruising a 5.8


I also got the chance to try Latest Rage (12b), a climb I had only been on when I was 5 months pregnant.  I was able to do all the moves (on toprope), so I’ve been anxious to get back on it.  It’s very “heady” with a 40 foot run out to the anchors, but I managed to get up it with some hangs.  I hope to figure out the clips on the next trip and send it.  I finally sent my mini-project, Majestic Pigeon (12a?- it’s relatively new, so the grade is still settling).

Majestic Pigeon (in my Stonewear Designs favorite pieces- the Aery top and Meridian capris)


Hazel has been going out with us a lot lately and has been so well behaved.  She entertains herself while we climb with whatever is available.  Then when she gets sick of hanging out by herself, we wrangle our friends into holding her.  We are so lucky that she’s such an easy baby.  She enjoys being held by anyone, even our friends with little baby experience.

Hazel hoping to be the youngest Petzel sponsored athlete


Daniel onsighting his baby hold.

We wrapped up our fun day with dinner at the Terrebonne Depot, a great place to stop for dinner and a beer after climbing.  It’s just a few miles from Smith.  They make excellent food, so if you’re ever climbing out our way, be sure to stop in and reward yourself for a hard day crimping.

Dinner at the Terrebonne Depot

  1. Mom on 10-21-2012

    Fantastic blog and photos. But I must admit listening to a climber is like listening to a foreign language sometimes.

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