Posted by aimeeclimbs on 14 February 2012
Full Term (37 weeks) Climbing

Yesterday the weather was too nice not to go to Smith and since on Thursday my OB said I could still go climb, we went.  The OB said things were looking on target for my due date and if I did go into labor at Smith, he figures I’d make it to the hospital.  He did acknowledge it would be quite the hike out of there though!  I’m still hoping I can pull some strings and get a ranger to drive me out if that happens.

I started the day on the classic, Magic Light 5.11a, and managed to do it without falling.  We didn’t time it, but I bet it took me at least 10 minutes to get up it!  I found every rest I possibly could and still got pumped beyond belief.  After that, I tried a 5.11+ and managed to do all the moves, but had to rest on the rope a lot.  I was just happy to be out on such a beautiful day with great people.  Ella enjoyed herself as well.  She chatted up the adults, played with her stuffed dogs and climbed Purple Headed Monster 5.7.

As for my exercise routine this far along, I am still going to the gym and doing 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer and then some weights.  I find my back feels a lot better if I do this and gets really sore and painful if I don’t.  It’s interesting because I have a hard time walking (due to contractions and pelvic pressure), but this routine at the gym and climbing doesn’t bother me.  I also managed to do 2 pull-ups!  That really surprised me.

If the weather is good, Kyle and I will head out to Smith again tomorrow and that might be one of the last times.  We’ll have to see what the OB says at my next appointment.

  1. Rebecca Lambert on 2-16-2013

    Aimee, this post was an inspiration for me when I first got pregnant. I consider myself a serious climber and did my best to keep climbing while pregnant. I wish I could say I was successful. At about 22 weeks (5 months), I seriously injured my sacroiliac (SI) joint – the joint in the low back between the pelvis and the sacrum. As you know, because you eventually have to let the baby out, the SI joint is more pliable during pregnancy. This is one of the main reasons yoga teachers will discourage pregnant women from twisting. Climbing involves a significant amount of twisting, and can lead to SI joint dysfunction, as well (as it did for me – not fun!). I read a lot about climbing while pregnant (including your blog), and I didn’t see any websites that warn of this. I like to think that I would have heeded a warning (though, I’m a climber, and, like most climbers, apt to ignore all advice against climbing). So, I’m doing my best to get the word out that if women have any signs of pelvic instability (loose joints in general, pain while twisting, recent injury to the hip area, or anything else that might give you pause), it it worth questioning whether you should continue to climb while pregnant. With this recent injury, my goals have changed from staying fit while pregnant and climbing throughout pregnancy to the much more humble goal of keeping my musculoscelatal system intact, so I have some hope of resuming my former strength and fitness after I give birth… Maybe others can make more informed decisions than I did…

    • aimeeclimbs on 2-19-2013

      Yes, I am familiar with SI joint problems. I actually have some issues with my SI joint due to a fall bouldering about 8 years ago. I was able to climb through both pregnancies and manage with only some slight discomfort. I think it’s also important to be aware of pubic symphisis issues and of course the diastisis recti postpartum. Maybe I should do a post about possible injuries women should be aware of when climbing pregnant. I have tight connective tissue to begin with, so the pregnancy hormones make me more like “normal”, but for people who are hypermobile, pregnancy can put you at high risk for injury while doing things like climbing or yoga.

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