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For those who haven’t seen it, here’s our holiday card:

We traveled from California to Colorado to New Mexico during the holidays and thankfully all flights went well.  We had a nice time visiting family and Ella got to do lots of fun things, but we only got to climb in the gym once.  Once we got home, I went out to try Flat Earth again (the 12a I did at 7 months pregnant without falling).  It took me a few tries to work the beta out again (pregnancy brain- another challenge when it comes to climbing hard while pregnant).  On my last try (my 3rd of the day), I fell because I was tired, but I still managed to “one-hang” it.  So, I’m hoping to get out on Sunday and give it another go.  I still think I can do it, despite being 20 pounds heavier than usual.

I hope everyone out there had good holidays and a good New Year.  We celebrated New Year’s Eve in old, married people fashion by having the neighbors and their kids over for a little dinner and ringing in the New Year on Brazil time (thus the kids still got to bed on time).  Glad they’re still too young to realize you’re supposed to stay up until midnight!

I’ll post some pictures of me on the project and an update of how it goes sometime next week.

  1. Danielle on 1-7-2012

    Your climbing will always amaze me. I could never….but I love that you do!

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