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This is a guest post for a friend’s Listography post.  These are all the teachers I can remember.

Hillbrook School

Mrs. Popkins- 1st grade teacher, very sweet lady

Mrs. Mollins- Royal Purple A’s for good work and marbles in the jar when the class was good.  I can’t remember what kind of rewards we got when we filled the jar.

Mrs. Minor- 3rd grade teacher, I think.

Mr. Casserly-  Jr. High math teacher who would do math bingo with buttery homemade chocolate chip cookies for the winner

Mrs Walsh- Jr High english teacher who put up with a lot of crazy skits my friend Ginny and I created

Coach Sue- Hillbrook PE teacher who was always super encouraging despite my lack of athletic prowess

Mrs. Lockwood- Science teacher at Hillbrook

Los Gatos High School

Mr. Lallemond- High School French teacher who hated me and always called me by my last name- “Fermez la bouche, Loewenstern”

Mr. Oody- High School geometry teacher who hated me and sent me to the principal because one of my outfits was “distracting to the class”

Mr. Biology teacher-  Crazy high school biology teacher who everyone hated except me.  Always said, “You can never prove anything” and did really fun experiments like sending us out to the field to collect toothpick “worms” of different colors to teach us about natural selection.  I’m embarrassed I can’t remember his name because he almost made me want to become a high school biology teacher.

Chico State

I’m also embarrassed to admit I can’t remember the name of a single professor of mine from undergrad.  I do remember my ballroom dance teacher’s first name was Patricia and I think my Outdoor Leadership teacher’s first name was Cory.

Northern Arizona University

Dr. Vail- Organic Chem teacher when I was taking prereqs for PT school.

Dr. Perrotti- Awesome Anatomy and Physiology professor at NAU.  One of my favorite professors ever.

PT school professors- Carl DeRosa, Valerie Carter, Mike Lebec, Dave Arnall, Dr. Cornwall, Karen Mueller, Paul Lestayo, Dr, McPoil, Ann (I can’t remember her last name)

That’s all I can remember!

All images are borrowed from other sites on the internet.  



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