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We just got back from our “Babymoon” vacation to Skaha (near Penticton, Canada).  Honestly, it was a bit unimpressive.  We were supposed to stay 10 days and ended up coming home after 5.  We did some nice climbs and I found out I can still get up 5.12- (with rests, of course).  I also managed to top-rope “onsight” a 5.11a.  I suppose if you live in Vancouver, it’s a really nice place to get out of the rain.  It is beautiful there and they have lots of great wineries, fruit stands and an amazing Farmer’s Market.  However, the climbing just wasn’t good enough for us to justify being away from home, especially considering our home crag is Smith Rock.

Speaking of, we got out a couple days ago to the “backside” of Smith.  Having never been there, we didn’t find the easiest approach over Asterix Pass.  We ended up having to throw our packs down and down climb 5th class.  Pretty exciting!  Once we got to the Mesa Verde wall we enjoyed some classic 5.10s with amazing knob holds.  I also managed to do all the moves on a 12a, Shadow of a Doubt.  Not wanting to repeat our approach hike in reverse, we opted to hike out Misery Ridge.  It was cool to see the Monkey Face in person, but that hot steep hike wasn’t so much fun.  Then you hike all the way back down to the creek and back up to the rim again!  Lots of hiking that day.  The next day Kyle says to me, “You lost weight yesterday, didn’t you?”  True enough.  Guess that’s what happens when you have a scale that sends your weight to his iPhone automatically.  I can’t get away with anything.


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