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My biggest piece of advice for any first time moms and dads out there is check Craigslist first before buying your baby gear new.  The first time around, I bought or received everything new.  Now I feel like an idiot.  Every day items like pack ‘n plays, baby swings, high chairs, cribs, clothes, strollers, etc are listed for great prices.  For instance I just bought a Papasan Cradle Swing ($149 new) and a infant vibrating chair ($65 new) for $80 together!  I did just buy a Phil and Ted’s portacrib new, but it was on sale for $99 ($179 new).  This is the lightest travel crib on the market (5.5 pounds), and I highly recommend it if you are planning on doing any air travel with your kiddo while they are still sleeping in a crib.

Phil and Ted's portacrib


Now on the training and climbing side of things…

For the first trimester I was climbing pretty well.  At Smith, I was working on my project, Taco Chips (13a), and making progress.  Then in July we went on a road trip (9 weeks pregnant).  I managed to redpoint two 12a’s and one 12b in Spokane.  I also climbed the Grand Wall on The Chief in Squamish.  This is an amazing multi-pitch climb with pitches up to 11a.  I led a 5.8, 5.10b and the bolted 5.11a pitch (Perry’s Layback), which I fell on.  Next time I’ll send it!

The Chief (borrowed from

After that we went to Little Si outside Seattle.  I managed on onsight an 11d and some easier 5.11s.  Then we came home in August and I did really well on Taco Chips.  That was at about 10 weeks pregnant.  Then, it got hot!  So, I didn’t get back on it until I was 13 weeks along.  I’d only gained about 3 pounds, but those crimpers and 2 finger pockets no longer felt so good.  My core also seemed to be not working as well.  I “sagged” out on holds that I could usually keep my body close to the wall on.  So, I started working some 5.11s instead.  At 14 weeks I did a top-rope “send” of Blue Plate Special (11a).  I’m still leading, but I don’t feel comfortable falling anymore, as I am showing significantly now.  So, I usually lead something bolt-to-bolt and then top-rope it for the “send”.  As for other training, I’m still lifting, mountain biking and training at the climbing gym.

Sorry for the lack of pictures for this post.  I don’t have any of me climbing recently, but here’s my belly picture for 14 weeks.  I feel a lot bigger than I look!

14 weeks


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